Life at IMI Bhubaneswar

Priyanka Mahapatra
Student, PGDM 2014-16

The teenage life came to an end. I was in that stage of my life where I had to take a crucial decision for my better future.

I joined IMI Bhubaneswar to pursue my PGDM program. My first impression soon as I entered the campus was awesome. I was spellbound looking at the building and wondered if this place was an institute or a resort! Soon I settled well in the hostel room allotted to me. The campus is indeed very beautiful nestled in the peaceful natural surroundings with greenery all around. It felt like a dream come true. And joy of living in a single room here for two years was a cherry on the cake.
One generally fears ragging these days. To the contrary, my wonderful seniors here made all of us feel so comfortable. They were quite friendly and it seemed like home in no time. All of us went through the orientation programme in the first week. It was in those sessions that I made many new friends. This was followed by many guest lectures with industry specialists giving all of us a perspective of the things to come. Along with all this were refreshing games & competitions like table-tennis, chess & badminton which were organized by our seniors. By now, I had already started experiencing the new college life. Also, the corporate interactions had begun as well.

We are encouraged to be creative, take lead in various responsibilities and learn hands-on through various student activities. As I am still discovering, this is a place where numerous initiatives are encouraged. Self-discovery and learning follows suit. The serene environment here helps us stay focussed.

The mentorship of strong and dedicated teachers-mentors is preparing us to emerge as successful business managers of tomorrow and understand the dynamic environment of today’s marketplace. The glorious start at IMI Bhubaneswar was very beautiful. A new journey of thousand steps has just begun.