One of the best things IMI, Bhubaneswar witnessed few days back was formation of institute’s literary club. This was a great experience for the literature lovers as well as people who believe in fun learning.

This Club would function as a Salon (Gathering), under which various activities would be conducted with exchange of ideas and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation and fun activities so that they can enjoy life out of their daily monotonous schedule.

As an inaugurator event the club conducted an event named Ad-Mad (Advertisement making competition) in which teams were given some funny yet innovative ideas for preparing advertisements. This event was a great success and was followed by other set of event including story telling (preparing story from given incident) which was another great event by the club.

The initiative of forming a club with multiple benefits can be actually seen serving the purpose and it is believed that the Literary Club will keep on attracting and involving students with such new ideas in future.