Marketing for Non Marketing Professionals

DATE: 11th-12th October, 2013


The objective of this course is to provide a short introduction to the various marketing concepts, the nature of key strategic marketing decisions (i.e., value creation, communication, delivery, and extraction), and the dual goals of creating satisfied and loyal customers.


Understand the marketing process: Analyze, strategize, and implement
Use customer analysis in business decisions
Develop differentiated value propositions for customers
Develop and manage marketing programs to create value 


Marketplace Analysis and Customer Insights
Managing Customer Value, Products and Services
Segmenting markets and prioritizing customers
Branding and brand management
Price Management
Break Even & CVP Analysis
Building a pricing strategy
Channel design, planning, management, and assessment
Integrated Marketing communications


Non-marketing professionals whose job entails interfacing with the marketing function in their organization who need an understanding of the marketing process and how marketing professionals think and make decisions.
Professionals from across the organization without significant formal education in the marketing discipline whose job duties increasingly involve marketing-related responsibilities, or who are taking on a marketing-oriented role for the first time.


Prof. D.D.Swain. (click here for complete profile)


Non residential: Rs. 10,000 + Service Tax
Residential:      Rs. 15,000 + Service Tax