Alaparthi Shivaji
Student, PGDM 2015-17

It was a start of a beautiful journey the day I landed at the of IMI Bhubaneswar campus. A lot of luggage accompanied by a bagful of dreams made my way to this beautiful campus. I was nervous initially alike a lot of my batch mates but the environment out here made me feel at home.

I was really impressed by the institute’s Hospitality and the way they received us and the accommodation that were provided. I was really tensed of the new environment new subjects & new friends being a techie; I Expected that my technical Experience will be of no use here but it is what made me popular among all. HACKING made me Distinct from all and helped me gain reputation.

Being a slow learner, I thought it would be difficult for me to cope up with completely new subjects but the faculties out here made me feel comfortable. Apart from Faculty members here we were given exposure to many Guest lectures which gave us much useful information about what mba is all about and how life post MBA would be.

Hostel life at IMI is much beyond what was showed at ‘Life @ IMI ‘Videos.  It gave me friends for life It is the best hostel life I have ever experienced  I started playing many new games and simultaneously made new friends .Being  amidst of all these , I never felt that I am away from Home.

It is just the start of my journey. There will be many ups and downs, many barriers to overcome and then there will be sweet moments to cheer me up. I will lap up all the positives that come my way and come out as a responsible SHIVAJI.