K. Padmaja
Student, PGDM 2015-17

It was 10th June when I reached the beautiful IMI Bhubaneswar campus. My journey began by bidding adieu to my lovely parents & friends. I was nervous, anxious yet excited for this new phase of my life. I could easily connect myself to the architecture of the institute and greenery. Finally I reached the hostel room and got busy settling down in the campus.

The next morning we had our orientation programme and inauguration of our batch 2015-17. The morning was a bit different than usual & I was all set early to experience the big day. All students of our batch, along with the faculty members introduced themselves & then we had quite a few sessions, but most interesting among them was the ice breaking session. The sessions were interactive as well as informative. What I assumed was that the learning process of IMI Bhubaneswar is very creative and innovative. Apart from the orientation program we were introduced to our subjects. We also had quite a few interactive session with the corporate leaders. They touched upon their experiences & the learnings.

Adding up to the nice week we had our cultural activities where everyone participated. I took part in group song. It was a fascinating experience given the bonding I shared with my group.

Initially I had my reservations coming here but after interacting with all the amazing people and counting on the exciting experience of my first week, I feel very motivated and optimistic about my institute.