Vanshika Dhingra
Student, PGDM 2015-17

I landed at IMI on 9th June 2015. A memorable day, full of apprehensions of the unknown and loads of exciting anticipations. The complete day was spent in familiarizing with the infrastructure, people and the idea of staying away from home. Each one of the new entrants were future companions of other. All efforts were spent in creating a home away from home.

The welcome was overwhelming, with tremendous support of the faculty & staff at IMI. We were ready and set to step on to a new boat and sail ahead. The orientation was our initiation to a life of matured outlook and responsibility, not experienced before. The group was a mix of diverse cultures from all corners of our country, ready to merge as one culture – That of IMI. Hard work, discipline, and time management was woven into this culture.

The going got tough, with long hours of classes extending late evenings. It took time getting used to it. Case studies, assignments and quizzes followed us late into the night. Keeping awake to complete our task was a challenge. Group tasks were again instrumental in binding us together and enhancing our understanding. We all had something to gain from each other. That is what we realized during the talent hunt programme...

Look forward to the path ahead at IMI.