My Summer Internship at CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA

Paresh Sunil Mokashi
Intern, Central Bank of India, Bhubaneswar
PGDM 2013-15

Today is the end of my internship at Central Bank of India. I decided to wait until this moment to write the experience to cover what I did in the past two months.
It’s been a full-time internship, with more focus on Finance. It helped me and my batch-mates to understand the life of a bank employee in short. For these two months, we were considered as one of the staff of the institution and treated as such. Basically, we did Finance, Marketing, general activities and whatever responsibility the bank entrusted upon us. My designated project area was Finance. This was an opportunity for me to understand the nuances, while being in the field, and comprehend whether I could stand up to the challenge. In the end, I must say that the challenge was enriching.
The Summer Internship Project (SIP) experience was great. The employees of the bank helped me a lot in understanding the unwritten, yet important details of the project. Be it the background, or the policy which I was referring to, they were always there to guide me. On the first day itself, I realized how little I knew about Finance in the banking context. My guide especially helped me realize this and gave an impetus to learn as much as possible through various sources available at my disposal. Whatever knowledge I have garnered during these two months, will stand me in good stead in the coming future.
An important observation was that there is a huge difference between what is written to what is followed in the practical world. The books refer and highlight the parameters which are ought to be followed, treated as sacrosanct and should not be tampered with. However, in the real world, it’s not possible to follow each and every guideline. Changes have to be adopted. This is especially important in the banking perspective as business cannot take place if there is no management of the people and the correct interpretations of the guidelines. These are there to show a path, not to dictate it.
All in all, this experience was good. I would thank IMI Bhubaneswar for giving me this opportunity. Especially my guide, who showed me a direction in which the project was needed to be taken to. This has helped me, get a better idea of the field they want to build their career on.