Sandeep Viswanadha
Management Trainee
Kotak Securities
Alumnus, PGDM 2013-15

Experience at IMI Bhubaneswar

IMI Bhubaneswar being a new institute had its own challenges. We as students also had our own challenges. From carrying forward to being a top B-School we also had to work a lot. It gave us a motivational spirit as well. For us it was a startup and it was important for us to lay a good foundation. We had memories of our own, from putting up new things, establishing some and the good part was, we could put that point forward to the corporates as to how we contributed to an institute’s growth. Our time here was important as it was also a learning period for all of us. We did mistakes, we realized them and learnt from those mistakes.  That gave us a way forward as to how we should look at things.

IMI Bhubaneswar’s way ahead

When we were part of IMI it had a steady growth. It was ranked as one of the emerging B-Schools under NHRDN Rankings and we as a batch were obviously quite happy about it. Our batch and every subsequent batch has been contributing to the growth of IMI which will certainly pave way for a strong foundation. In the next 5 years I believe this institution will do really well and leave a mark on the corporates as well as in the education sector. And yes it will create good leaders.

Piece of advice for the junior’s

It is the students that make a B-School. The goals change and milestones are added from time to time. It is important that our juniors innovate and bring about a change. Enjoying the two years is also what the students should look at.

The place that it is

I have been missing this place a lot. I have been reminded of the place time and again. From watching the nearby shops, getting reminded of our faculty, staffs and everybody. I have been reminded of the scolding, the appreciations and every moment is still fresh. I believe we will soon reach a new height and set a benchmark of ourselves.