My Summer Internship Experience at Central Bank of India

Sumit Anand
Intern, Central Bank of India, Bhubaneswar
PGDM 2014-16

My internship started on 13th of Apr 2015 and I had landed an internship with Central Bank of India. Prior joining IMI Bhubaneswar I was working with one of the major manufacturing companies in India and I knew very well how private organization works. It was a great opportunity for me to see how government banks run and learn the nitty gritty of it. Service industry and the banking sector for that matter were new for me, so I was very excited.

The internship period was for two months and I got to work on the "Credit Division" of the bank. During the course of my internship I got to interact with a lot of people starting from Human Resources to Finance to Marketing. It was a great experience to learn from all the people. My corporate guide was a very dynamic and hardworking person. He was a great help to me. My learnings from him were commitment to your work, cooperation and punctuality. I made good friends with students from other institutes. We worked in a team and as a part of promotional activity we visited different partner educational institutes and interacted with students about their banking requirements and expectations from the bank.

Talking to strangers was a thrilling experience for me. Suddenly I could find the marketing tips given by my professors very handy. Many of us were working on the same project so there were lots of exchange of ideas. We had brainstorming sessions where you will always found someone desperately selling his/her irrefutable theories!

The two months of internship got over in a jiffy. During all this time, I learned, I lived, I struggled, I made new bonds and more importantly understood the essence of right attitude and team work.