Nonie Sudan
Intern, Kotak Securities Ltd.
PGDM 2014-16

Being a fresher, I was very excited and nervous about working in an organization and summer internship was just a small part of it. I had landed up my summer internship in Kotak Securities Bhubaneswar. Kotak Securities is a broking firm and the company deals with stocks and derivatives. I was given a Finance Project “Fundamental Analysis of Stocks” and apart from the project, I was given multiple tasks by my mentor which included Calling the Dormant Account users and convincing them to reactivate their accounts and I was also made responsible for getting HNI clients for the organization. In the whole process, apart from the academic learnings which I got, I also got a chance to know how the market reacts, what is the pulse of the market in different situations. The mentor which was appointed to me by the organization was very supportive and encouraging. Sir helped me in all the difficulties I had faced, from getting HNI clients to getting Dormant Accounts activated, sir was very helpful in all the situations. My faculty mentors had also helped me a lot during my summer Internship.

Lastly, working with Kotak Securities was a great experience, I came to know many things which were relevant to the teachings which we are taught in our PGDM course. I got good mentors to guide me, due to which my journey was a smooth one and the experience and learnings which I have got through my summer internship are definitely going to help me  in any organization I work into.