Babu Biswajeet Sahoo
Student, PGDM 2015-17

New life, old me...
New friends, old me...
New experience, old me...
New RULES, NEW me.

Before coming to the institution I had already accepted the instuition and the only thing I wanted to know was if the institute accepts me or not.  I reached the institute two days before the orientation with my parents. On my way to the institution I was wondering as to how the campus would be and to be very honest I really liked the greenery and the red building. The campus brought a smile to my face.

First week at IMI was an awesome experience. I made some very good friends in the initial days. We developed a sense of togetherness so much so that we went for an outing and a movie on the first day itself.  We started interacting with the seniors wherein we came to know a lot about the environment out here. They were interactive, helpful and cleared some of our perceptions.

Then came the orientation week where I was introduced to the corporate world. With each passing hour I got a sense of responsibility. The corporate talks gave us insights into the corporate world. They shared their insights on various topics. I believe their experience sharing will certainly help us improve on our skills. The time table at IMI certainly reminded me of my BTech days but then volleyball & cricket came to our rescue.

Late night talks with friends and seniors, the outdoor & indoor games, the classroom environment, the hectic schedule all soon became a part of our life. I believe the journey will be challenging & will bring the best out of me. I am certainly looking forward to my two years here.