Non Stop Ambivalence: Mixed Feelings

Ruchika Giria
Student, PGDM 2015-17

Biding my parent city wasn’t easy at all. As said everything has its first time so was it to me this ‘Home Sick’ journey. Bhubaneswar was calling I was excited and much happy but at the same time I was a little low and nervous. Finally I greeted IMI, my mother & brother accompanied me. It was 10th of June the registration day, I reached the allotted hall and officially became the part of IMI. Firstly things seemed very hazy to me but then I adapted them soon and made myself fit into the picture. The day ended with my mom & bro were leaving that night. No sooner when my mom started crying then the time asked me to be strong enough to control over the temptation at extremes.

I overslept until a new day light wake me up. A fresh mind and a happening life ahead were awaited by me. Began the orientation week, we already had the schedule of its undertakings. Meeting all the teachers & two of the seniors was great overall. We were guided and acknowledged all through about the course and disciplines. It was fun but some of the lectures were quite hectic. Being a fresher I had never experienced such corporate exposures so it took time for me settle and grab it in a whole manner.

Nevertheless we had a power bank to enjoy ‘The Talent Hunt. Our director sir and all the faculty members were there to enjoy our showcases. With all freedom and no formal practice I performed a dance in a group. Followed by ‘The Good Dinner’ hence, we called it a day. The very week ended giving me two treasure full gifts ‘Classmates’ and ‘Mentors’ just like my choice and comfort. Whereof I can conclude that these two years down the lane of my approaching life would be amazing, dynamic and full of opportunities.