J. Sainath Reddy
Student, PGDM 2015-17

I remember the day when I got the mail from IMI conforming my admission, but I was unsure then whether to go for it or not. I had my doubts regarding the college, the location and few other things even though it had the brand tag of IMI. But I took admission and landed at the college with all those questions in my head.

11 June 2015, first day in the college and the first day of my orientation week, the week that had given me the glimpse of how demanding the 2 years were going to be. My batch mates were from all around the country which gave me a close brush to the cultural diversity which I had never experience. With Ice breaking sessions and talent hunt (where I did not perform any) we were gradually introduced to the MBA life at IMI. It did not take long for me to realize that I had to leave all my past habits. We needed to study everything on a daily basis which I never ever did at any stage of my educational life. Here case studies and presentations were routine & amidst all this, all the activities were student driven.  We were expected to be a part of at least one committee. All these activities will make sure that we wouldn’t know how the clock ticked by.

Our college had all the facilities one needed. From wonderful buildings in an idyllic setting with state of art facilities. I almost forgot to mention the late night volley ball matches under the flood lights which were certainly one of the most enjoyable moments. After these few days at IMI I got answers to the questions that I had in my mind before coming here. Now with no doubt in mind I expect a wonderful time ahead.