Ms. Anuradha Prusty
Independent Trainer
Ex-Incharge (Learning & Development)

On 24th November, 2015, Ms. Anuradha Prusty shared her valuable insights on variuos aspects of communication with PGDM students. The session was more of fun learning activity on "Communication & Transactional Analysis".

Being a wonderful trainer, she covered critical topics like Transactional Analysis (Ego states) in a very interesting way, which can help us when it comes to deal with people in different environment and mental state. She conducted few activities which included paper cutting, in which students were asked to cut a given piece of paper as per given instructions and as a final result each student had a different pattern of paper cutting. But none of the patterns resembled with each other. Then there was an activity which showered rain in the classroom.
This simple activity was conducted to illustrate that each of us have some special qualities which can never be same as that of others.

The sessions were made interesting with couple of games. The sessions instilled a sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm amongst students.