Shri J P Mishra
Chief Public Relations Officer
East Coast Railway

Mr. J.P. Mishra, Chief Public Relations Officer, East Coast Railway addressed the PGDM students on September 21 afternoon. In his candid interaction, he enriched the students with his many pearls of wisdom.

The interaction started with “Passing the good word around”, where every student introduced the one next to him/her in their own words while stating at least one good thing about that person. “A man reflects his character well when he describes another”. This is the learning what he conveyed. He also advised not to speak out anything that could be controversial. He also emphasized as to how the 17 minutes spent on “Passing the good word round” were important to him.

Mr. Mishra also highlighted the importance of learning new languages & how it could add value to an individual. He also underlined on the importance of having a brush of legal knowledge. Legal knowledge adds to the core knowledge & has the potential to make the person more visible in the organization leading to a possible fast track career. It is also important to know various government procedures from tender filing to its final stage as sometime during the career, we are likely to be interacting with some government office or perhaps bid for projects. So, the knowledge about how government functions can offer a competitive edge. He stressed on how important it was to be aware of at least some basic government procedures. Knowing more than what anyone would generally know has the potential to distinctly add value to the career. He quoted an example of a course like ‘Art appreciation’.

“Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring”. The significance of learning was emphasized by Mr. Mishra. It is important for everyone not to underrate any individual because of the simple fact that no person is incompetent.

There was also a word for encouragement for the students of PGDM as Mr. Mishra appreciated the students for taking initiative and coming up with a wonderful corporate & placement brochures.

Mr. Mishra throughout his interaction, was candid & developed a strong connect with the audience. The interaction was interspersed with various anecdotes that left a positive imprint on the students.