The Program

IMI’s two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Banking & Insurance) is designed to cater the growing need of management professionals for banking and insurance industry. The objective of program is develop high quality management professionals equipped with technical and managerial competency with global mind set .The focus of program is to develop a holistic and integrative approach of management in banking andinsurance industry.

Program Objective

The program has been offered with the following objectives.

  • To develop technical skills with managerial competency for banking and Insurance Industry
  • To cater the growing demand for risk management professionals for banking and Insurance industry with global managerial mind set
  • To develop understanding about global financial system and regulatory structure
  • To hone analytical and problem solving approach for risk management and operations of banking and insurance industry
  • To build capacity for product development and distribution of banking and Insurance products

Program Duration

IMI follows the trimester system with the academic calendar beginning in June 2014 and each trimester being of 11-12 weeks duration. At the end of the first three trimesters of the program, all students are required to undergo compulsory summer internship for 8-10 weeks in industry.