Prof. Srijit Mishra
Kalinga Soft Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Srijat Mishra (CEO & MD, Kalinga Soft Pvt. Ltd.), visited IMI Bhubaneswar on February 3, 2015 to deliver a guest lecture to the students. He was invited by Prof. Supriti Mishra to give the students a glimpse of the practical aspect of Strategic Management.

Mr. Mishra spoke about his vast experience in industry and explained how understanding of strategic management can help an organisation greatly. He talked about keeping oneself up-to-date on all the global and national current affairs as such information is very important from strategic stand-point. He also emphasized on successful execution of strategy, as it would be the lifeline of the organization.

Last but not the least, he advised students to keep up with most of the information in the world so that they could pave their own path in the industrial world. He also asked them to enjoy their work. Having done extensive research on education industry, he saw vast potential in this sector.