Regional Director (Odisha), RBI - Shri Pradeepta Kumar Jena addresses the new PGDM batch

Shri Pradeepta Kumar Jena was the Chief Guest for the inaugural programme of PGDM Batch 2015-17 on June 11, 2015.

“I do not have formal management education, but have been managing banks in the state of Odisha since quite some time. I have worked for 37 years so far. I do agree that specialisation and super specialisation like Medical Sciences are required in some fields. Also, it helps to have an MBA qualification, as you are in the process of acquiring it. I am a student of History, but over the years I gathered information and knowledge about Banking Sector operations.

Hard work and commitment is the foundation of success. You could be making a career in any organization while performing various functions. Needless to say, you will face challenges. From my experience, I will share my thoughts on what may be necessary at work. They line up from A to F:

1. AIM
You have to chalk-out a roadmap for your transformation of knowledge to the workplace. Information Technology is revolutionising our lives and assisting in knowledge enhancement.  Obsolescence of knowledge and information is also very high. Hence, constant knowledge and information upgradation though open mind and enhanced observation power, with respect to the emerging scenarios around us is crucial.

It’s a no brainer that anyone offering value will enjoy higher work place acceptance. For this we have to make a good team for transmission of the knowledge and experience. Organizations that survive long and thrive over a longer period have built good teams. Ensure that your individual value addition to the team is visible.

Compete with yourself to add value and not with others. Your colleagues are your friends for life. Never lose a good friend because you see them as your competitor or that you are unable to influence them with your viewpoint.

Have a continuous dream. It is ok to start with a small dream and it can grow big. Sure you should dream big. But for some of you dream is not that easily conceivable. So start small, but try to achieve it. Next, set a target and a roadmap to achieve it. Push yourself in the direction. You will be able to achieve it, even if this means going step by step.

Never compromise on work ethics and values. Unethical moves may apparently propel you ahead fast but it will eventually prove to be a mirage. Not only would it be extremely dangerous and not good for the society at large, but you also have to face its dire consequences. Hence, work ethically for your yourself, your organisation and the society.

Work pressure and paucity of time may force you to unknowingly ignore your friends and family. Avoid it. It is your friends and family that ensure you stay on the right path in your life. If you continue to ignore them, there may be a day when you realize that that are no longer with you and you will have now have to lead your life alone. That would be sad. Successes and failures are part of the journey called life. Remember your friends cheer for you on your success while your family supports you in your trying times. Both emotions are important and being around the right set of people is crucial. Both have clear constructive roles to play in your life. Never ignore them.

I do hope these words – ‘A to F’ leave a mark on you.”