The tricolor was flying high proudly in the lush green IMI campus on the eve of Republic Day. IMI family had gathered to celebrate the country’s 67th Republic Day. The day is observed with great passion and celebrated every year in all parts of the country with fervent zeal and patriotism. The enthusiasm was no different at IMI. It was on this day in 1950 that Indian became a Sovereign Democratic Republic and had a constitution of its own. Everyone’s eye blazed with pride and happiness with the tricolor flying high.

Everyone had a miniature flag pinned on their attire and tricolor bands on wrists. Respected Director Prof. Ramesh Behl, unfurled the flag to the melodious tunes of the national anthem and slogans.  He shared his thoughts that we all should be proud of being a part of a country which is known for unity in diversity. The young generation should admire their fortune that they are born in India. A nation well-known for diverse culture, sacrifices and growth. He stressed that we all must respect our environment and make every possible effort to keep it clean and healthy for living. It’s really important that we sustain what we have received from our forefathers and add glories to it. We all must work together without any self-motive. With this he urged everyone to plant a tree that they will remember and recognize, whenever they come back to the campus.

Everyone went ahead with a thought “One Person One Tree” and planted saplings in the campus. It was followed by high tea and small games like spoon race to celebrate our republic nation. The day ended on a high crescendo with an interesting cricket match between students, faculty and staff.