Tushar Gupta
Intern, Berco’s Melody House
PGDM 2014-16
My internship started from 6th April 2015 and all of it was so exciting as being a fresher it was totally a new experience for me to work. It was my first step to the corporate world. I was selected as a marketing intern by Bercos Melody House to increase their Online Presence through digital marketing and to analyze their Home delivery services.

It was tough for me for the 1st two weeks as I had to learn everything about Bercos and in which field they were lacking behind but with the help of my corporate guide things started to fall in place. My mentor advised me on the protocols to be followed and what are the main leads I have to follow. The advises really worked and started giving results. I had to report and consult with my corporate guide and the Managing Director. I travelled through 16 outlets to call to their main customers for home delivery and to know what the problems they were facing. I got to know how consumers felt about the services. Those were applied along with some of the concept which I learned during the 1st year. My mentor at the institution also helped me analyze the main issues.

We learned many things in academics and in the field I applied many but the most difficult part was where to apply which concepts and in that I got help from my college mentor. I made friends and understood how the organization works. It was difficult in the beginning but things got better with a lot of help from mentors. It was a great experience to work with Bercos.