The Beginnings

The Beginnings


The day to be marked as beginning of new journey, it was 13th of June,2016 and we were actually filled with mixed emotions. After exploring many B Schools, we all finally ended up choosing IMI Bhubaneswar. We believe it’s a decision which will transform us to a true “professional”.

The moment I landed at Bhubaneswar I experienced the courteous and responsible gesture shown by IMIB to provide pick up facility to us which later I found was just a fraction of million great things this campus has. From the minute I stepped in the campus the vastly different sites along all the corner and the ubiquitous smell of richness and my feelings of excitement about the new surroundings. On one hand I was happy to start a new journey but on another was sad to leave my family.

The journey began on a bright sunny day when we officially got registered as “IMights”. The first week was dedicated to Orientation. Orientation week brought in many pleasant surprises. The most important aspect of this week was the corporate lectures in which we got an insight about the business world. We went through several activities including ice breaking sessions which helped us to gain harmony and mutual understanding.

Then started our refresher course where we had non-ending extended classes from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. where we were introduced to the trailer of the whole course which we will be going through in these two years. Initially, I refrained from participating in class, but then slowly and steadily the motivation and care shown by the faculty and staff members of IMI boosted my confidence to participate more in class.

Then came “The Talent Hunt” an event organized by our 2016-18 batch with support of our seniors wherein every one of us performed in order to showcase unique aspects of their personality. In a short span of time almost everyone knew each other fairly well.

It is indeed a pleasure being coached and mentored by highly educated and experienced faculty members and just loving the unique teaching mythology to impart knowledge.I feel blessed to have received this opportunity to study at IMI, Bhubaneswar. The campus environment is highly conducive to learning. It offers a unique blend of the recreation in addition to academics.

This is just a beginning of a beautiful experience. I look forward to add more memories to my life and achieve my goal to become a successful global leader of tomorrow.