Alokesh Mohanty
Student, PGDM 2015-17


The word describes the last three months of my life quite fittingly. I was anxious yet excited, apprehensive yet hopeful and restless yet enthusiastic. 12 hours of journey, months of wait and I was finally there. I remember entering the delightful campus, the castle of my dreams. B School finally! I had a lot of optimism coming into this B school about the campus, the faculty, the pedagogy, the alumni base and my peers. And boy I was right!!

Room no. 320 was to be destination for two years. A lovely view from the balcony was there to accompany me. First day in the campus and I made quite a few friends for life. We had our registrations the next day, so I had my time to engross myself to the beauty of the campus.

The next day began with informal introduction with our batch mates over breakfast. We had our peers coming in from all around the country. Registration was scheduled in the afternoon and we all got a feel of the batch during the same. The evening was spent having a conversation with the seniors and that gave us a glimpse of what was in store for us for the next two years of my life.

The first week started with the induction programme where we got a sneak into the MBA life. The PGDM batch was inaugurated by the director and other dignitaries from the corporate world. They sent out a clear message to have that belief and come out as a nice person. They talked about being a better human being, contributing to the society and various leadership attributes that are expected from a B-school student. That was followed by ice breaking sessions, games and high tea which got the batch together. We had a talent show in store for us on the fourth day and the enthusiasm and preparations were unparalleled by anything that I have seen so far. The talent show was an eventful night and I believe that it set the tone for the batch. The energy level, the creativity and the excitement with which everyone performed was commendable. The evening was commemorated by a sumptuous welcome dinner.

Volleyball, snooker, table tennis, night stroll all soon became a part of our life. Committees are the soul at IMI Bhubaneswar. From Placecomm to Media & PR to cultural and many more, they make the campus livelier. It is here that I realized what a student driven campus actually meant. There have been long days here and then there have been days when you just sit back and reflect. Initial interactions and you realize not everyone is you.

Initially I had inhibitions, but a week into the orientation and I am much confident and clear about my goals. I did what I felt was best for me and I am sure that I will prove my mettle when the time comes. IMI Bhubaneswar has changed my perspectives about a lot of things and I believe this is what a B school does to you. I am certainly looking forward to the two exciting years of my life. Though the course may change sometime the river will always meet the sea.