The Trump Card

Ankit Yadav
Student, PGDM 2015-17

The political season in America is in full swing and it’s getting hot day by day. Let it be Republican Party or Democratic Party, both are using every marketing strategy and leaving no stones unturned to grab the white house chair. What is impressive is the marketing strategy adopted by Donald Trump– you can love him, hate him, but for sure you will learn a lot from him. This Reality show star cum Businessman cum Politian has the ability to draw large number of crowds by his mesmerized and unfiltered speech.

When we launch a new product, we go for very clear and detailed explanation of the product but this guy prefers to keep it vague. Goodson described six basics principle to make the product king in its domain. First, to keep a simple message that can be understood by everyone. Second is to identify the target audience and appeal to them only. Third, to become popular, take a stand in controversial issues and debates. Fourth, if you don’t have a competitor, create one. Fifth, a charismatic leader to get your message delivered. Sixth, find different ways to intimidate the opposition. Trump is a devoted follower of all these principles. He is the most voted candidate among the Republican Party and hence slowly and steadily, he is coming one step closer to white house.