5th International Congress on Accounting and Finance

Professor Supriti Mishra, the institute’s faculty in the Strategy area, was invited as a speaker by the International Congress on Accounting and Finance Research (ICAFR), Turkey for its international conference ICAFR’18. ICAFR has been conducting international congress every year since which aims at academic, social, economic and professional cooperation in accounting and finance. The 5th ICAFR’18 was held during 17th-20th October,2018 in association with Izmir Democracy University in Izmir, Turkey in which eminent speakers from Georgia, Portugal, Macedonia, India, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Nigeria and Afghanistan were invited.

Prof. Supriti Mishra delivered talk on her research on “Corporate Governance Issues in India”. She deliberated on how the corporate governance landscape in India has changed over the years, particularly after India embraced LPG (liberalization, privatisation, globalization) and setup the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in early 1990s. She talked about the implications of Clause 49 and the recent amendments therein. Prof. Supriti Mishra has been invited by many international universities and organisations including International Finance Corporation (IFC) and St. Ambrose University, USA, in the past to deliver talks on CSR and corporate governance. Out of a total of seven international conferences this was her third visit to Turkey as an invited speaker.