Independence Day Celebration at IMI, Bhubaneswar


15th August is the day that is rejoiced and felt proud of by every Indian across the world and not just by the citizens residing in India. The historic day of 15th August 2021 marked the onset of 75 years of independence of India from the years of oppression posed by the British. Every year, Indians celebrate Independence Day with utmost excitement and happiness, amplifying the wave of patriotism towards our motherland. IMI Bhubaneswar is no exception to this feeling as we share joy and patriotism for the nation. Every year on this day, the students and the faculty of IMI mark the onset of this historical day with various programs and activities aimed at celebrating the sense of independence and our love for our country and its diversity.

Owing to Covid, the situation was different, and the students attended the event virtually. All kinds of safety protocol were adhered to keeping in mind the guidelines as per the state government. The program was initiated with the flag hoisting ceremony by our Director, Prof. Ramesh Behl and was followed by giving homage to our freedom fighters who lost their lives in bringing us the independence that we enjoy in today. All the Covid warriors who passed away in this pandemic were also remembered. The program was carried forward by giving off the Merit Scholarship Awards to honor the outstanding students of IMI-B namely, Akash Chowdhury, Rohit Jain and Maheswata Sahu. The celebrations also included a tree plantation drive towards the end of the programme. The enormous participation and enthusiasm by the students and the faculty of IMI fill the college with an emotion of pride and patriotism.