Art of Living Workshop on Mind Management

“Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes”- Stephen Richards. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a right attitude and that could be developed with the right handling of one’s mind.
On 12th September 2020, a workshop regarding the Art of Living was conducted for the students of the PGDM batch of 2020-22. The basic theme of the workshop was mind management. The event was hosted by Mr. Shyam Agarwal, an active member of the Art of Living society, along with the other volunteers - Mr. Sourabh Rathi, Mr. Vivek, Miss Anushka Khandelwal and Miss Neha Lal.

Students found the programme quite engaging and attended it with full of enthusiasm. Mr. Shyam talked about the various implications of mind management skills on an individual’s success. He discussed that in order to achieve success one needs to have domain knowledge and life skills. These life skills constitute of ambition, courage, hard work, good communication skills and all similar attributes that are generated by the mind. Several research studies have established that the life skills have an upper hand over domain knowledge.

Mr. Shyam, through audio visual aids, also informed us about how meditation is a powerful exercise for the mind and how people across the globe are utilizing this effective tool to garner success in their lives. He finally gave reference about his participative event called ‘Yes+ Workshop’ where meditations and several mind tackling activities are taught and practiced.

Overall, it was a very informative and thought provoking session.