Ayushi Kumar-Member Secretary Cultural Commitee

Experience – It is rightly said “With great power comes great responsibility”. Being elected as the member secretary of the Cultural Committee was one of the proud and happy moments in IMI. A big responsibility had come my way, what started as a group of 8 people had now to be made a team with coordination and unity among themselves. Managing and executing the events smoothly was the responsibility I along with my committee had to carry out. The experience until now has been a good one, learning of how to manage things and knowing how the administration of IMI runs behind all the events we organize.

Initiatives – An initiative taken up by our committee this year was giving certificates to members of all the committees. Earlier only placement committee was granted the certificates but from this year all committees will be given one.
How its going to help me in managing things?

Being the member secretary has taught me how to work efficiently with my team members and only one person cannot do all the tasks. No event can be organized successfully without my committee members. Punctuality is one thing I have learnt. No event can be organized until we start the preparations few days before with making the itinerary and budget. When working in a team opinion of everyone are to be taken into consideration. Managing a team is one of the biggest learnings I have got which will help me in future.