IMI Bhubaneswar organized a two day Annual Conference on Banking and Finance, titled as “Changing contours of Indian Financial System” on 18th & 19th August 2017. In this event dignitaries from various domains of finance presented their research work and explain the insight of the respective topics. Proficient presentation by the guests followed by extensive Questions and Answers. Students from first year along with the students of final year volunteered the whole event, coordinated between all important areas, so that the entire process gets completed in a smooth manner. Prof. Rohit Vishal Kumar and Prof. Santanu Das was the conference convener who guided the students to be the part of this event and how it can be helpful in their due course of time. Here are few excerpts from the experiences shared by our volunteer Shivam Beriwal and Kritika Yadav.

How was your Experience of Volunteering Such an event for first time?

Shivam: I was engaged in the hospitality work of the event, along with looking and coordinating all the comforts of our guests. Besides that I was actively managing the newspaper report of the entire conference.

Kritika: I was managing the track of the event and coordinated the sequence of sub events under this conference, such that all things fall in chronological order.

What was your learning from this event?

Kritika: It was a great opportunity to interact with highly qualified personalities and receiving the thoughts they were delivering apart from courses and academics.

Shivam: As several other events were going on simultaneously, so we need to manage with our team mates, along with SPOC’s, providing them with requirements for the same.

Why anyone should volunteer such events? What are their career perspectives?

Shivam: Since I had a background in commerce, and organizing conferences of Banking and Finance helped me to gain little extra knowledge about the diversification in my domain. It also helped me to visualize how to be presentable and confident while delivering yours thoughts and ideas.

Kritika: It was a great learning to know about the diversities in the field of financial system and their related implication in future and corporate life is interlinked with it.