Business Thought Leadership


Dr. Itishree Devi

DGM, Publicity & Events, Dept. of Corporate Affairs,

IMFA, Bhubaneswar 


"Communication leads to community, that is, understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing." In the series of Business Thought Leadership, we were delighted to have Dr. Itishree Devi, DGM, Publicity & Events, Dept. of Corporate Affairs, IMFA, Bhubaneswar who shared with us, the immense importance of having right communication, especially in corporate world.

She headed to the white taking a black marker in her hand and very beautifully sketched out the communication elements, further saying that corporate communication could be intricately bifurcated into two domains, i.e. Internal Communication and External Communication.

Also with a little pun in her voice she said that Communication has to be HOT, Honest, Open and Two-ways.

She discussed about different types of communication, importance of media communication, tangible & intangible aspects of it and substantiated with real-life corporate scenarios. She also delivered a presentation on Brand Building & Publicity Strategies. Students were highly motivated and the session strengthened the values of good communication in them.

Ending on a striking note, she quoted, "Communication is vital to any company. You need to study the pulse of people, a need of having sensitivity and understand the need of other person."