How do you describe your two years at IMI-B?
A: I have always believed my two years at IMI Bhubaneswar was more of being in crossroads. I always wanted to do well or more importantly get myself involved in activities which I wouldn’t have participated otherwise. And I can say, I walked out with confidence and a belief that I can achieve certain goals I have set for myself
Q: How do you feel about the campus life here at IMI?
A: Campus life was perhaps the best part at IMI. The night strolls, the parties, the talks on the staircase will always be something I would cherish. And of course, some friends for life.
Q: Are you part of any committee or club? How does it feel like working for it?
A: Committees are the soul at IMI. I have been a proud member of the Media and PR Committee and of the things that I would miss the most would be publishing rom the official social media pages. Committees give you the freedom to express your thoughts, work with a team and empowers you to take responsibilities which is a big learning in itself.
Q: who is your favourite faculty and why?
A: I was privileged enough to have been taught by Prof. Manit Mishra. The pedagogy included case studies, quizzes, lectures, and the best part was Sir ensured everyone was into the discussion contributing with their points. Classes were informative and at the same he ensured that students were the ones who were doing most of the discussion. Only if I could come back again for his CRM, Consumer Behaviour and Retail Classes!
Q: Explain your stay at IMI in three words.
A: “Love at First Sight”