CHAI PE CHARCHA with Alumni (PGDM 2015-17) ANGAD SINGH DOGRA, Management Trainee, MILK MANTRA.

Q: How do you describe your two years at IMI-B?
A: Firstly how these two years went by I couldn’t even realise. I think these were one of the best time i have had so far in my life which would be very difficult to put in words or phrases.

Q: How do you feel about the campus life here at IMI?
A: the best part about IMI is that it is a residential campus where learning is not limited to classrooms only. The group assignments, the various activities which are conducted within the classrooms and outside the classrooms helps in the overall grooming of a person.

Q: Are you part of any committee or club? How does it feel like working for it?
A: Yes. I was a part of the Placement committee. It was indeed a learning experience. It has given me the opportunity to interact with the corporates and this opportunity itself means a lot.

Q: who is your favourite faculty and why?
A: Well, all the faculties have contributed in some or the other way in these two years that i have spent with IMI. Each one of them is very learned and I still take their guidance and hope to be in touch with all the faculties.

Q:Explain your stay at IMI in three words.
A: Experential, memorable, heyday