It was an honor for us to witness the ‘Corporate Talk of the New World’ on June 22, 2021, presided by Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee, Director, Deloitte India. The talk started with the ongoing pandemic crisis around the world and how such situations are not new to the society. Mr. Chatterjee talked about similar instances from the past Black Death, Spanish Flu, Dot Com Bubble, Global financial crisis and others and highlighted how we are better equipped presently and have the potential tocreate opportunities in our work. Mr. Chatterjee explained the concepts of growing demand, stable demand and declining demand and presented how the pandemic is affecting the demand of various products. He shed some light on the spending patterns of consumers, the increased use of digital entities, travel patterns, vehicle ownership and much more in the current scenario.

Of the various products and companies that are having a tough time, Mr. Chatterjee enlightened us regarding a crisis life cycle of Respond, Recover and Thrive. Each organization has to go through theses phases in order to survive and grow. He also said that in every organization’s DNA, there should be Purpose, Perspective and Alignment with other sectors. Only through attainment of these characteristics, an organization can thrivein difficult phases as well.

Towards the end, Mr. Chatterjee praised the class of 2022 and 2023 that these batches are different and are doing wonderfully by undertaking a critical decision regarding their careers in these tough times. He also provided guidance to a better career direction. The students could draw numerous invaluable insights and indulged in this thought-provoking interaction.