On 26th June IMI Bhubaneswar invited Mr. Rajat Mathur, managing director of Morgan Stanley as the honorable speaker for the ongoing corporate talk under the Business Thought Leadership Series. A prominent figure in the field of talent acquisition and management, Mr. Mathur addressed the student on the resilience borne out of the pandemic and how students need to react to it.

Mr. Mathur shared his perspective on various industry aspects and their role in the new normal. He guided the students to adapt to the change and how to make the most of it not only professionally but even on personal grounds. The new normal has its own certain sets of challenges including time management, delivering results under various odds, work-life balance, meeting the objectives, and many more. Achieving these targets involves perseverance, sacrifices, and trade-off. Quoting his words he said, “Anything that you do is going to involve sacrifice. It is a part of building your career.”

The guest talk was long-awaited and was received with great enthusiasm from the student's side and the faculty's as well. They have gained a new way of perception and have learned that restraining to the change will always be tough but accepting it will give countless rewards. The situation in the future might get worst but what remains unchanged is to keep adapting. Once again quoting the words of the eminent speaker, Mr. Mathur, “Constant is the only change, and it will prevail to be so.”