On 25th June, IMI Bhubaneswar organized a corporate talk by Mr. Prashant Dutta who is a VP at Yes Bank.  He started by describing a few different scenarios regarding achieving success for few people and went on to explain various aspects one needs to understand in real corporate world scenarios. He explained the difference between emotional quotient and emotional intelligence and how a person goes through a change in an organization. He emphasized knowing oneself, learning to adapt to change and how to respond or react when pushed to difficult situations.

Furthermore, he explained changes that occurred in companies during the pandemic and the challenges it faced and subsequently overcoming them. He also explained the role of customers and their role towards a company and market competition. He shared valuable insights on the banking industry and their business regarding startups, NPAs etc.

At last, there was a Q&A with the students where the speaker answered various interesting questions by the students. It was a very insightful session and students appreciated it a lot.