It was 11th June 2017 when I entered the college and made me feel “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep”. In first week of my college at IMI Bhubaneswar I started learning time management, how to carry out task effectively in the dynamic environment and have great exposure for my career.

After some days I got to know about the selection procedure of class representative, I was quite excited to be a nominee for class representative, my senior CR guided me about the whole process and the roles & responsibilities will have by being a class representative & the work we have to do.
I send my expression of interest for post of class representative and start interacting with my batch mates for their support. On 7th July , as the process followed there was election between nominee of class representative and I was fortunate to be a class representative of section ‘A’ batch 2017-2019. It was the most memorable day of my life at IMI as I got the opportunities of representing the class.

I play the role of bridge between faculty and students, communicate their ideas and problems to faculty and academic information from faculty to students, and to look all the task are carried out in most efficient and effective manner.

Being a class representative I feel the responsibilities I have is to inform students about the assignments, make a groups for class presentation, represent the class if any group activity undergoes and moreover to solve the problems of class which is heavier and more intense than I have ever experienced before. Which inspires me to be optimistic in every situation and to be more responsible towards my work by managing the class to its best level.
The major challenge I face is to organize the management event SPARX’x7. Organizing the management event at international level was a tough work , as we have to plan for strategy that provides the framework to arrange the lines of communications, duties, authority and besides that, the strategy to determines the manner and extent them to which power, roles, and responsibility are controlled, coordinated, delegated and how the information flows between the levels of management, through which I developed the quality of leadership within me and learned to be patience.
I think this will be a great learning experience for me and help me to explore my inner strength and qualities and opportunity to sharpen my skills.