CR’s Experience- Nikhil Nandanwar

“With great power comes great responsibility”, I think this quote totally falls in line in my case. How I handle challenges, faced problems, set up coordination between my peers and my faculties, how I conveyed the problems pertaining at student level to higher authority, supporting SPOC’s of various events and working with them are few duties which I perform beyond the academics. Being a CR gives you a sense of complexity and simplicity at the same time. You may face complexities at various level regarding academics and non-academics, but addressing them in a simplistic manner is what makes you stand out. The first challenge that I faced, was during the election of CR, after getting elected, life has turned out to be more exciting and challenging. You need to maintain a good relationship with your batch mates as well as with your faculties. You need to be aware about all academic and non-academic activities around you and respond accordingly. Coming to the learning, this experience gives you a holistic growth and improves your leadership and managerial skills. You get a chance to interact with different students with different mindsets coming from a diverse background. What I feel, is that always give your best and enrich your bucket of talent, skills, experience and memories, because these are the things which will remain with you entire life.