In the era of rapid development, we are too busy to take a break look after ourselves. It might sometimes feel like a luxury. While learning about 'Time is money', we somewhere forget to remember 'Health is wealth'.
With this eye-opening thought, the Branding committee of IMI- Bhubaneswar organized “Cyclothon – the first ever cycle run on the tracks of IMI-B” on the occasion of World Heart Day. Not only the students but professors including Director prof. Ramesh Behl showed their concerns about their health and participated in the event. The number was more than a hundred. It was a 6km cycle marathon organized in association with Yaana Bikes and Red FM 93.5. The marathon was not about winning over other participants, it was about winning over the evil heart diseases by spreading awareness about 'A path towards healthier life'.
The major objective of such an event was to raise consciousness among people about their wellbeing and to make people more proactive and dedicated towards their health.