Colleges and universities that recognize the importance of diversity in and out of the classroom-from residential life to cultural events-give all students a richer experience. Educational interactions among racially and ethnically diverse groups resulted in positive learning outcomes , such as students feeling more engaged in class and motivated to study . They also showed that students who attended culturally diverse colleges had strong critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills.

Business school students are the leaders of tomorrow, and diversity in business leadership is increasingly critical for overall, long term business success. Diverse leadership leads to better awareness of consumers and employees, creates more positive and creative work cultures and contributes to employee retention.

Given these realities, diversity in PGDM Programme is crucial for companies that hope to reap the benefits on innovation and engagement in the future.

IMI Bhubaneswar has been welcoming students with different experiences, background and world views over recent years. Consistently moving up over the path of diversity, IMI-B has achieved yet another milestone for the incoming batch at its campus. The diverse batch in terms of gender diversity, work experience and educational background has been admitted at IMI Bhubaneswar. We can expect incoming batch of PGDM 2021-23, invited by IMI-B would be an amalgamation of assortment in recent years, in terms of gender diversity, educational background, work experience and extracurricular activities.

Over the past few years, the classrooms of IMI-B have consciously been welcoming students with different experiences and world views. While there is still long way to go in the way of achieving increased diversity in the business school experience, steps that IMI-B is taking are paving the way for brighter, more equitable business landscape.