Durga Puja

The Sense of Togetherness

There was a time when people were not glued to their cellphone’s, a time when much of the shopping was done with families. But some things haven’t changed. Come Puja and we have the beats of the dhak, the conch blowing, music on loudspeakers and all those celebrations & festivity of the puja. Of hope, of togetherness, of triumph of truth, the puja brings a sense of togetherness. As we all slowly sink into a lazy & comfortable mood, we all know Maa Durga is arriving.
At IMI Bhubaneswar, the spirit has always been that of puja. People across states have culminated to one big family. With activities buzzing in the institution and with the success of the management fest, we all believe the baton has successfully been passed. While some await fresh beginning, some have seen career change and some are still to get back from the festive mood!
The IMI Bytes team has evolved over the period of time and it is the sense of belonging that has made us stronger over and over again. The heart will always remain the same. As with pandal hopping and all those delicacies we explore, from here on we only have our way forward. Celebrating the sense of togetherness, we seek blessings for everyone as we move forward.