IMIB was privileged to have Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director General, IMI addressing its students and faculty on 4th December. The main theme of the talk was “Education 4.0 and Future of Learning”.
A disruptive system, Education 4.0 not only focuses on ‘what is taught’ but it also assumes a nuanced approach to ‘the way it is taught’ — it is an education model which is aligned with future trends, in order to develop and enhance individualized education that will eventually go on to define the manner in which youngsters of the future will work and live.
Prof. Debashis started the discussion by addressing the fact that Indians as an entity has not yet reached their full potential. He explained further, by using many meaningful observations and examples that new generation of students and working individuals need to develop “Flexperties”—Flexible Expertise. It implies that one has to shape their strengths to their advantages and thereby become successful.
Prof. Debashis stated “Learning has to be personalized, elaborate, context sensitive and technological inclined”. Education 4.0 can help us achieve this new level of learning. He further clarified that Education 4.0 is not only about machine learning, rather it is machine learning blended with human ingenuity. He said “Technology creates nothing; it simplifies or amplifies”.
The role of spirituality in Education 4.0 was also emphasized in his talk. With practical examples and observation Prof. Debashis explained skillfully that we human being can spiritualize any concept provided we have perspective or vision. Spirituality is one of the key elements because of which a multi-diversified nation like India can strive and prosper.
Talking about leadership Prof. Debashis explained that leadership is not a spectator sport. People have to take charge and do the task. The role and importance of a mentor was also discussed. Even the very best people in their respective fields need a mentor. They need someone to “nudge” them to perform even better.
It was indeed an enriching experience for the students of IMI Bhubaneswar to listen to his highly thought provoking talk.