The program is built around 12 months of course work over 4 trimesters of 11 to 12 weeks each, and three months of field research project at the end of the course work. Of the 12 months 5 weeks of course work will be carried out at our partner B.School in Europe/China and the balance will be on campus in Delhi. The complete program is of 84 credits, where each credit corresponds to the equivalent of 10 hours of classroom contact. During this period students will complete 16 compulsory courses and 8 elective courses, besides 3 months of Field project work and 2 International module courses. These credits are normally completed over a 15 month period, with a maximum allowed duration for completion being 2 years from the date of enrollment. A student also has an option to pursue a Course of Independent Study in lieu of two elective subjects, as per the norms defined in the student’s handbook. Classes are of ninety minutes duration and each subject would have twenty such sessions which means 30 hours of class room interaction.