Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi is a festival that reveres lord Ganesha. This is celebrated all over the globe and lasts for almost 10 days. The first day is considered to be the day when lord Ganesha was born.
This year the students of IMI also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in the campus itself. The cultural committee of the institute took the initiative for the celebrations. An idol of Lord Ganesha was brought and established with full rituals. The hall was beautifully decorated by the students and even rangolis were made which added to the beauty. A priest was called to carry on the puja in a traditional and proper way along with all the rituals. The students of IMI were also very enthusiast to welcome Ganesha and were all ready in their traditional Indian dresses. Not only the students, even Director sir, faculties and each and every member of the IMI family were equally excited. Hawan was performed by the priest adding more to the purity of the environment and removing all the negativities around us. The hawan was followed by an aarti and distribution of Prasad to each and every individual present over there. The ritual of offering aarti was followed by the students everyday twice i.e, morning and evening. It is said that lord Ganesha is Vighnaharta i.e, he takes away the problems of everyone and spreads a positive aura all around. The students of IMI also experienced the same with the presence of Ganesha in the campus.