Guest Lecture on Mutual Funds

It’s always a pleasure to hear from an expert of a field, one who not only provide us with insights of the field but is also able to answer all the inquisitive queries of the students. To make students aware about the mutual funds and their benefits, a guest lecture was held for the students of IMI Bhubaneswar on October 6, 2018. Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee of HDFC Mutual Funds interacted with students and made them aware about savings and how to invest them profitably in mutual funds. He explained why it is important to invest in the mutual funds at an early age to get the maximum returns and the importance of investing in good companies in the market for long periods of time. Students also got to know about various investments solutions and how to make use of them for monetary benefits.

He also explained how investments can be made from the very first day of the salary. He stressed on keeping aside a particular amount, every month and invest that in any SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). With the passage of time, people set goals for buying their products of interest and these can be achieved by proper investment of savings.