Guest Talk on Entrepreneurship

A guest speaker can be a great tool for the improvement of a class, because he/she offers a new perspective and variety in the way it is taught, while it provides important specific subjects that are often omitted from a regular class. Professor Prabal K. Sen who is currently the chairperson of Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) of XLRI Jamshedpur and a professor of economics has enlightened us with his vast knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship and economics on 16th November, 2018. He not only taught us the significance of entrepreneurship but also what should be the skill set and attitude required to be an entrepreneur.

Being future leaders, we must try to become job creator rather than job seeker. According to Prof. Prabal K. Sen entrepreneurship sub serves achievement of all major Macroeconomics Goal i.e. economic growth, price stability, social justice and self-reliance. Moreover, the most important attitude according to him that an entrepreneur must possess is he/she must be “endowed with fire in the belly”.