2016 has been a significant year for International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar. Here we’ve captured several key highlights and milestones to look back on. The year kick-started with preparations for Phronesis 4.0 gaining full momentum. Students left no stone unturned in displaying their managerial skills and making this flagship event a success. Students organised blood donation drive in association with Phronesis and displayed their responsibility towards the society.
On 8th March 2016, celebrating “Woman’s Day,” PGDM students staged a skit at Pal Heights on the theme of woman empowerment. The skit appreciated the significant contribution made by women towards the society.
It is not easy to leave a place that you have been a part for two years. A place which transformed you from a confused soul into a corporate-ready individual. It was the time for the inevitable farewell. It is a conglomeration of emotions as students of 2014-16 PGDM are leaving the college and stepping into the shoes of corporates. 20th March 2016 marked the last day for their stay at college but they would always be remembered for carrying forward the legacy of IMI.
Learning makes sense only when it can be practically applied. PGDM 2015-17 students moved out of their comfort zones and spread themselves across the country to pursue their Summer Internship Program. It had been a great learning curve for the students as they could gain a hands-on experience of the real-time business world.
14th June 2016 marked the inauguration of PGDM 2016-18 batch. Ramesh Behl, Director, IMI Bhubaneswar made his message clear to the batch, “Be yourself and believe that you are worth it. Keep your morale always high.” The orientation program proved very effective in helping the batch identify themselves as a team. The fresher’s night experienced the freshers unveil their talent and mesmerise the audience.
IMI Bhubaneswar organised their 5th edition of management fest SPARX on 30th September 2016. The event witnessed students coming from across the country and taking part in various management related events. A blood donation drive was also organised in association with SPARX.