IMI-Bytes- Shikhar Bhatnagar

This workshop served as a platform for connecting E-Leaders in the Bhubaneswar region, and to establish a collaborative relationship, exchange of ideas and best practices from within the region.

 The first day started off with various team-building activities in which E-leaders from different colleges were grouped together and asked to come up with a substantial event plan. Mr. Barada Prasad then gave a roadmap to be followed by the E-cells during their growth from new, to grow, and finally to mature E-cells. He also provided useful information on reporting of E-cell activities and how to use the LEARNSWISE Platform. Some E-leaders then presented their already up-and-running student/campus ventures.

 Day 2 of the workshop was more exciting for the students and saw the members again being teamed up for various activities that required Idea Box, DISRUPT, Think-with-the-box etc. It encouraged innovative and creative thinking. This workshop emphasized on value creation of ideas. It was not about quantity but about the quality of ideas. It was a wonderful experience.

 Shikhar Bhatnagar