IMI Bhubaneswar with the view of adapting to changes that keep us growing and this pandemic has been one such situation, letting us experience the unexpected. Aligning with the upcoming roles, implementing new strategies, and accepting the ongoing challenges is the way to accept the change, which all through came out with a series of Corporate Talk titled “Business Thought Leadership Series” in June and July. This talk series-connected students of IMI-B with different industry experts to get an idea about the current corporate situations in Covid-19 and to restructure the working policies and working environment as per the future requirements.

In this era of the online education system, IMI Bhubaneswar starts the series of leadership talk with the YouTube Session on Dr. HR, the leadership talk with Magic Bricks. Mr. Anil Kumar Misra shared the key learnings that he has acquired throughout his career journey which helped the students in understanding the general aspects of corporate behavior. This was followed by a corporate talk with Mr. TanayKediyal, EVP Head of Consumer Small Business Banking, Wells Fargo intending to equip the students for the changing business world by giving some insights on how digital transformation is shaping up various industries and the journey of banks. Next, Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee, Director of Deloitte India came up with the ongoing pandemic crisis around the world and how such situations are not new to society. Another motivative corporate talk by the managing director of Morgan Stanley, Mr. Rajat Mathur who is a prominent figure in the field of talent acquisition and management, addressed the students on the resilience borne out of the pandemic and how they need to react to it. Then, Mr. Prashant Dutta, VP at Yes Bank describes a few different scenarios regarding achieving success for few people and also explain various aspects one needs to understand in real corporate world scenarios. After this, IMI-B in collaboration with Accenture welcomed Mr. Avnish Sabarwal, Managing Director of Accenture for a keynote speaker who provided valuable guidance regarding the management of college life and stressed that passion should be the one to shape one’s life. Then, a leadership talk session with Mr. Debashish Ghosh, Vice President of Berkadia was also conducted who engaged the students over a riveting session on the topic of ‘People Management on Driver’s Seat’. Ending with the thought of leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, Mr. Ankush Jain, Sales Head (North India) of inspired and encouraged the aspiring managers with his insights of turning adversity into opportunity.

The other general corporate talk series are listed in a flow starting with Mr. Jay Lakhani, Founder and Promoter of Ginny & Jony Ltd. addressing the balance between corporate life and happiness in the new normal. Followed by the Senior Vice President of Fortis Healthcare, Ms. Richa Singh Debgupta who talked about the resilience shown by the hospital and healthcare industry in pandemics and the future of the industry. Next, Mr. Subhankar Ghose, Chief Human Resource Officer for Roi Net Solution giving insights into people management in the driver's seat. Another one with the Associate Vice President, HSBC Ms. Manya Girdhar embracing the learnings with passion. Then, Ms. Ruchi Saxena, General Manager for India Business Sentiss Pharma put light on the demand for a new era in the business-vuca world. After that, Dr. Debabrata Dash, VP, Group HR and Administration of MSPL Group give insights on building a career in business management through wholistic learning. Followed by Mr. Ignatius Barretto, Corporate HR, Talent Acquisition Leadership, and Business Hiring Godrej & Boyce who talked about talent acquisition - a deep dive. Next, Mr. Alok Kapoor, Head Franchise Business Operations of Mahindra First Choice Services giving the base-camp-preparing oneself for the professional journey. Then, Mr. Dilip Jain from Xformics Inc. put light on the aspects of managerial skills. And, lastly ending up with an Investor Awareness Programme by Mr. Khaleelullah M H leading to positive change for the students.
All the honorable speakers altogether emphasized how the students should spend their time on developing skills during the crisis and also made students aware of the policies implemented by the companies to ensure the safety of their employees and assure continuous functioning in this pandemic.