Independence Day celebtation

15th August, the day we know as Independence Day started with birds of freedom chirping under the morning sky. Everyone gathered around the poll to see our Director Prof. Ramesh Behl hoisting the national flag and felicitating the academic achievements of the students. Prof. Ramesh Behl then gave a rousing speech about how important this freedom is and how the students can use their freedom in developing the surrounding area of the campus, he also commended the yearly tree plantation activity carried out by the students of IMI.

Then the new batch proceeded to plant the trees on the patch bearing the name of the latest batch (2017-2019) after lunch it was time to spend the day with playful activities and show some competition on the wall.

There was Tug-of war between boys and between girls, then a hundred meter race between the boys. A cricket match between students and faculty.

The evening was also not quiet, Branding committee took the initiative and took out the bike rally from our college up to CRPF ground promoting the issue of road safety and the importance of wearing helmets.


Quit India Movement celebration

As an extension to the Independence Day celebration and on the occasion of Quit India movement completing 75 years, a quiz was held to test our knowledge about the freedom struggle and it was an enlightening experience for us.

The last event that took place was a debate competition held on some thought provoking issues like ‘Is safety more important than freedom?’ Students gave rousing speech and put forward their point of view on the struggle for freedom.

Independence is a big word meaning self-dependence. We can only be free if we become self-reliant and probably that is what I learned from these activities