International Conference @ Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (China)

By: Prof. Ranjit Roy Ghatak
Associate Professor
(Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques)
This was my first visit to China to participate in the conference was organized jointly by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (China) and International Management Institute (Bhubaneswar) at Chengdu, China between October 16-20, 2019.I gave a presentation on “A Comparative Study on Service Competitiveness of Select Indian and Chinese Ports” in the conference titled 'China-India: Humanities, Economy and People’s Welfare'. As part of the conference the organizers of the conference took us to various sites at Chengdu. We had a rich glimpse of Chinese culture, cuisine and China economic development. Chengdu is a very cultural city and has a lot of interesting and fascinating sights to offer, in the city and also in its surrounding areas, .The main sights in the city are Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage, Wohou Temple, Wenshu Temple, Quingyang Temple (Green Ram Monastery), and of course the Panda sanctuary. China is a foodie’s paradise and is famously known for the insane amount of chili peppers used almost in every dish. One of the most popular it’s obviously the spicy hot pot. Hot pots are common all over China and basically every major city have its own version. But the Sichuan hot pot it’s definitely one of the best. I was also surprised, how a province like Sichuan has prepared itself to meet the challenges of the future. I saw similar vision and initiative around the province. New infrastructure projects are linking once remote places like Kanding to Chengdu and beyond. China’s Mianyang has transformed itself from a closed, defense industrial center to an international hub for high-technology research, further enhancing China’s appeal as a destination for investors from around the world.