Internship experience at Outlook Publishing India Private Limited

Internship is very important for a student as he/she gets a first-hand experience and exposure to the corporate world through it. Internships help students to apply their classroom knowledge in the corporate. This year, due to CORONA VIRUS pandemic, most of the organisations had to conduct work-from-home-internships.

I did my Internship with Outlook Publishing India Private Ltd. I joined the organisation as a marketing and sales intern. Starting with weekly tasks to monthly projects, they never failed to make the interns learn even if it was a work-from-home-internship. We were given weekly tasks to complete and one big project which we had to submit at the end of Internship.
The first weekly task was completing a sales target followed by creating database. We learnt how to pitch to customers as well companies. We had to take follow-ups and keep everything ready within the deadline. Every single task was challenging and overcoming that challenge made me learn a lot of new things.

I would always thank Outlook Publishing and IMI Bhubaneswar for giving me this great opportunity to undergo this amazing journey of summer internship.